No More Christmases?

by w1z11


about's CHRISTmas, right?


No More Christmases? (Lyrics)

What if no more Christmases were ever to be celebrated,
What if no more people were reminded of the Miracles,
And what if no more children could awaken Christmas morning
To the wonderful and joyous Christmas Love?

What if no more Christmases were ever to be meditated,
What if no more people could recall the distant Oracles,
That tell the wondrous story of the Child who brought New Dawning
To a world in need of guidance from above?

Christmas Love...
Can we think about what Christmas means, and learn to truly care?
Practice peace and harmony; do we really dare?

Can Christmas time be glorified with thankfulness and cheer?
For all we're given while we live down here?
Or will we simply take the road of selfishness and greed?

What if no more Christmases would ever be appreciated,
What if no more people would proclaim the ancient Parables,
That promised Peace on Earth if we would only heed the warning
That we really need to learn the meaning of...

Christmas...Christmas Love!

©2012-2016 C.R.Hare

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released June 6, 2017



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